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Soluble Fibres Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Smooth move, dude.
Yet another study has confirmed that fibre reduces the risk of cancer. This study looked at breast cancer and found that every 10 g/day increase in soluble fibre intake reduced risk of breast cancer by 26% (but no similar effect was seen for insoluble fibres).

Further, the greatest risk reduction was observed for intakes over 25 g/day, said the researchers. Achieving this level of fibre intake daily may be a challenge for most people, but it's extremely important for many aspects of health. Keep in mind that 25 g/day is suggested by healthcare professionals as the minimum amount needed--the RDA, so to speak. Unfortunately, most North Americans get about 12-15 g/day.

The authors of the study suggest a few mechanisms of action as to how soluble fibres reduce breast cancer risk. The most obvious being that the gel-like mass that soluble fibres form in the intestines (must drink plenty of water though) bind/trap estrogen so it can be eliminated with bowel movements, and/or reducing the absorption of xeno-estrogens and other toxins.

Fibre may also slow down our transit time and digestion, which would decrease the absorption (rate and quantity) of glucose, leading to reduced insulin secretion. High daily intake of dietary fibre can also reduce the risk of obesity, which is an established risk factor for breast cancer. 

Source: Dietary fiber and breast cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies

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