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Red Wine Study Shows Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Happy belated new year everyone! I'm off to a slow start so far this year for finding something interesting to cover. However, I've finally found the first study in 2012 worth covering, and it really is quite interesting.

Previous research has suggested that all alcoholic beverages increase the risk of breast cancer since they activate the aromatase enzyme (responsible for a key step in the production of estrogens from androgens).

Aside: This is why heavy or frequent male drinkers will often grow breasts (called gynecomastia).

By comparing levels of important hormones in people consuming a moderate amount of red and white wine daily, this new study investigated whether red wine
consumption was associated with hormonal changes that may reduce the risk of breast cancer .

The researchers found that red wine consumption was associated with increased free testosterone and lower levels of female sex hormones.

Their findings suggest that components in red wine act as aromatase inhibitors, which challenge the wide-held belief that all types of alcohol increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

So women at risk of breast cancer who enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, may find some relief in this study, as long as they stick to red wine. Personally, I continue to prefer my Guinness, and I haven't grown breasts...yet.

Source: Red Versus White Wine as a Nutritional Aromatase Inhibitor in Premenopausal Women (full-text)

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  1. Guinness? UGH, it's like motor oil to me :-(
    You can't compare something as refined as wine to a heavy dark and vulgar beer. It's like comparing Elizabeth Taylor to Conan O'Brien - opposites.

    1. ...what, no comment on the study? Or my breasts?! :)

      While this isn't the place to defend my beverage of choice, you should know that making (good) beer is also a highly refined process. As you say, they're opposites, so you really can't compare beer to wine...the only thing they have in common is ethanol.


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