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Gut's Bacterial Diversity Linked to Eczema

Ok, last post for 2011. This study found that the greater the diversity of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, the lower the risk of eczema (an allergic reaction that manifests through skin lesions) in children.

It's believed that the greater number of bacteria an infant is exposed to in early childhood, the lower the risk of eczema. We need to be exposed to microorganisms to activate the immune system and allow it to mature. Interestingly, the rise in allergies and auto-immune diseases have a peculiar correlation to the rise of the anti-bacteria craze.

So, the authors of this new study looked to test this hypothesis.What they found was that infants with IgE-associated eczema had a lower diversity of the total microbiota at 1 month and a lower diversity of the bacterial phylum Bacteroidetes and the genus Bacteroides at 1 month and the phylum Proteobacteria at 12 months of age. The microbiota was less uniform at 1 month than at 12 months of age, with a high interindividual variability. At 12 months, when the microbiota had stabilized, Proteobacteria, comprising gram-negative organisms, were more abundant in infants without allergic manifestation

To paraphrase, the greater types of bacteria we have, the better.

Hope you enjoy the last couple days of 2011, and wishing you health and happiness in 2012...and beyond.

Source: Low diversity of the gut microbiota in infants with atopic eczema

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