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CoQ10 for Brain/Head Trauma

In this new study, researchers analyzed the role of CoQ10 in the treatment of head trauma. This was only a study in rats, but does offer some compelling insight into a possible new role for CoQ10 in humans.

Administration of CoQ10 after trauma was shown to be protective because it significantly lowered the amount of malondialdehyde, a compound that increases significantly after brain trauma. CoQ10 treatment also showed various other improvements related to vascular congestion, neuronal loss, nuclear pyknosis, nuclear hyperchromasia, cytoplasmic eosinophilia, and axonal edema (in plain understandable language: the results were positive).

The researchers concluded that, "neuronal degenerative findings and the secondary brain damage and ischemia caused by oxidative stress are decreased by CoQ10 use...  These results suggest that coenzyme Q10 may exert a protective effect against brain injury related neuronal damage."

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Source: Effect of Coenzyme Q10 on ischemia and neuronal damage in an experimental traumatic brain-injury model in rats

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  1. Hello

    Does CoQ10 help heal brain injury?

    1. Hi Sabiha,

      It's tough to say at this point, but based on some preliminary evidence, it does appear that targeting mitochondrial health can help with traumatic brain injuries, like concussions. Taking this approach then, I would guess CoQ10 could help in that regard due to its critical role in mitochondrial health and function; and this study on rats would add support to that line of thinking. However, until human studies are done, it's all speculation.



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