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Nuts & Olive Oil Better Than Drugs for Cardiovascular Disease

Preliminary results from a large, multi-centre, randomized, controlled, parallel-group, clinical trial are revealing that a traditional Mediterranean diet (TMD) is more protective of cardiovascular disease risk than drugs.

Study participants were assigned to a low-fat diet (the control group), or two versions of the TMD:
  1. TMD + virgin olive oil, or
  2. TMD + nuts
A 3-month evaluation was performed, after which some impressive results started to become apparent, emphasizing the advantage a healthy diet has over prescription drugs.

The authors said, "a modification in the entire diet pattern managed to achieve in just one year, results that pharmaceutical drugs did not -- even after two years of treatment."

Final results are to be published once the clinical trial is completed next year.

Source: Effect of a traditional Mediterranean diet on apolipoproteins B, A-I, and their ratio: A randomized, controlled trial

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