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Red Yeast Rice Reduces Aneurysm and Atherosclerosis

Before I get into today's study, here is a video on the hacking group Anonymous sticking up for the farmers and the organic industry, by hacking Monsanto's website, and making demands that will improve the world we live in.

I recently asked a colleague connected to the University of Guelph (a world-renowned agricultural university, very active in both organic agriculture, as well as biotechnology) what is up with corporations like Monsanto... after all, these are human beings that run the company, no?

Well, the answer I got was that the many of those that work for companies like Monsanto actually believe that they are saving lives and making the world a better place. Under the guise of "increasing crop yields" or "drought-resistant crops" (both a.k.a. pesticide-resistant crops), they claim to be working towards ending world hunger.

Yes, an altruistic goal from their spin-doctors, but obviously not the real goal when they are actively suing small farmers, and actively destroying the environment with all their pesticides and chemicals.

We actually don't need more food -- we have lots, as evident from the obesity epidemic. We just need better distribution of already-existing food and far less food waste.

Now on to the study...

Conventional/Modern Medicine typically treats high cholesterol with "statin" medications, which happen to be among the most prescribed class of drugs in the world, with Lipitor being the single best-selling drug in the world (that means there are a lot of people with high cholesterol).

However, many people may not know that the discovery of statins is based in Traditional Medicine (specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM). Red yeast rice (RYR) is the natural source of statins and has long been used by practitioners of TCM. The interesting thing with RYR is that it's just as effective as pharmaceutical statins, but at a much lower dose -- and due to the lower dose (as well as it being a natural product with a synergistic mix of compounds), RYR has far fewer incidences of side-effects compared to synthetic statins.

Now, this new study investigated whether administration RYR could suppress drug-induced aneurysm and atherosclerosis. Results revealed RYR significantly suppressed drug-induced expansion of the artery under study. Furthermore, RYR extract significantly reduced atherosclerotic lesions in both the inner lining of aortic arches and cross sections of aortic roots. These effects were also associated with reductions in total cholesterol (as expected), and a host of other beneficial biochemical effects.

Statins work by inhibiting a key enzyme in the biological pathway that naturally creates cholesterol in our bodies (very important since cholesterol is essential for life and many aspects of health...it's just that too much of the wrong kind is unhealthy). However, this same biological pathway is also responsible for our body's production of CoQ10 and vitamin D -- both of which are essential for many aspects of our health. It's theorized that many of the long list of side-effects caused by statins are due to this "induced deficiency" of CoQ10 and vitamin D.

So in my opinion, if you're going to seek out a RYR product, whether it be for cholesterol reduction or another benefit, I would highly recommend a product that contains CoQ10 (ideally as ubiquinol) and vitamin D (as D3).

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