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Ginger Loves Your Prostate

Ok, so here is the breakdancing video I mentioned in my last post. Click on the text below the picture, which will take open YouTube (I couldn't embed the video directly on my site here). This guy is amazing.

Click HERE to watch the vid (not the pic above)

Ok, now back to the program... it is now commonly recognized that higher and regular intake of fruits and vegetables is linked with significant anticancer benefits -- this includes herbs and spices. Ginger is extensively consumed as a spice in foods and beverages worldwide, and is an excellent source of several bioactive compounds (e.g. gingerols, paradols, shogaols, and gingerones). Ginger has been known to display anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative activities, indicating its promising role as a chemopreventive agent.

This new study shows that whole ginger extract exerts significant growth-inhibitory and death-inductory effects in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells. In the in vitro (test tube studies) and in vivo animal trials this study conducted, ginger resulted in numerous benefits against prostate cancer cells, but most importantly, ginger did not exert any detectable toxicity in normal, rapidly dividing tissues such as gut and bone marrow.

Source: Benefits of whole ginger extract in prostate cancer

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