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Dark Chocolate Enhances Physical Endurance

Must feel great to be running
naked on my blog -- eternally.
Most of the science into the potential health benefits of dark chocolate have revolved around the cardiovascular benefits of the flavanols, a class of compounds that are thought to have widespread benefits on the body.

Now, this new animal (mouse) study on cocoa flavonols gives some evidence that may support its use as a nutritional erogenic aid. This study found the intake of specific flavanol called epicatechin, resulted in a greater endurance capacity during exercise.

There were 4 groups in this study:
  1. Sedentary Control: non-exercising, NO epicatechin
  2. Active Control: lightly exercising, NO epicatechin
  3. Sedentary Experimental: non-exercising, WITH epicatechin
  4. Active Experimental: exercising, WITH epicatechin
After 15 days of the study, a significant 50% increase was observed in treadmill performance and 30% enhanced resistance to muscle fatigue were observed for both epicatechin groups. The enhanced endurance seemed to be the result of induced structural and metabolic changes in the skeletal and cardiac muscles.

According to an article from The New York Times, even the control group that had lightly exercised grew tired more quickly than the sedentary group that had been given epicatechin. The combination of epicatechin and exercise resulted in further improvements

Other findings showed that epicatechin administration also led to higher mitochondrial activity, and there were significant increases in capillaries in the skeletal muscle.

However, according to the New York Times' interview, the study’s author said only a very small amount of chocolate consumption was enough to intensify the effects of a workout. Extrapolating the dose in this mouse study to humans, the researcher claims just 5 g of dark chocolate daily -- about half of one square of a typical chocolate bar -- is probably a reasonable human dose (in which case, I'm WAY overdoing it, according to this statement).

Source: Epicatechin enhances fatigue resistance and oxidative capacity in mouse muscle

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  2. Uhh...ok, thanks BGV for your comment. Not sure it's entirely related to the topic of the post, but I agree with it.

    However, I guess you would also know (from the fact that you're pushing Viagara in your name) that, specific to erections, it doesn't seem like nitric oxide (NO) production is a problem for most. It's that the breakdown of NO is too quick, which is what PDE-5 inhibitors (like Viagara) do.

    Nonetheless, increasing NO production is great not only for people's sex lives, but also cardiovascular health, as well as a number of other health conditions.

    Thanks again for your input.



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