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CoQ10 a Potential Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Can you believe it's August already?! Summer holidays for my older son is half over. Hope all of you are enjoying the summer so far. It's a time of year when people typically consume more alcohol, so make sure you're responsible and keeping yourself, and others, safe. I've never understood why people boast about how much beer/alcohol they drank. You drank 18 bottles of beer and were still standing at the end of the night?! Nothing about that situation sounds appealing to me. I'm just sayin'...

Ok, so this new study on CoQ10 for Alzheimer's disease (AD) was only an animal study, but I share it with you to as a supplement that shows promise for humans.

This study involved a mouse model of AD, where treatment with coenzyme Q10 was found to decrease the area and number of plaque in the brain (hippocampus and in the overlying cortex). As a result of supplementation with CoQ10, levels of AD-related proteins (beta-carboxyterminal fragements, which is the precursor to amyloid-beta protein), were decreased. Functionally, during a water maze tests, the mice treated with CoQ10 showed cognitive improvement.

The authors conclude, "Our results show decreased pathology and improved behavior in...AD mice treated with the naturally-occurring antioxidant compound CoQ10. CoQ10 is well tolerated in humans and may be promising for therapeutic trials in AD."

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Source: Coenzyme Q10 Decreases Amyloid Pathology and Improves Behavior in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease

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