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Cardiovascular Consequences of a Poor Diet During Childhood

Wow! What an amazing month it's been for traffic to this site. I want to say "thank you" to all who have subscribed to the blog and those who are regular visitors. It's great to see such a positive response, which encourages and motivates me to continue. You could be reading any of the other thousands of health-related sites on the net, but you're here with me. I appreciate that.

So back to the program...the developmental origins hypothesis suggests that undernutrition during fetal life, infancy, or childhood is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

Since data on postnatal developmental programming are scarce, and the fact that it's unethical to conduct a clinical trial where you starve half the children, the researchers studied 7845 women who lived through the Dutch Famine during the mid 1940s, to see whether exposure to undernutrition during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood is related to coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke in adult life.

Overall, stronger famine exposure was associated with higher CHD risk. Among those who experienced the famine between ages 10 and 17 years, CHD risk was 38% higher among severely exposed women compared with unexposed women.

So all you kids out there reading this (yeah right, who am I kidding?)...say "ahhh."

Source: Cardiovascular consequences of famine in the young

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