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Nutritional Interventions that Reduce Arterial Stiffness

Yes, it's been a slow month for newly published research (of interest to me), but here's one...

This new study was a systematic review of randomized, controlled, human clinical trials examining the role of dietary and nutrient interventions in the treatment of arterial stiffness (a total of 38 studies were included in the analysis). Results of the analysis found omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. fish oil, krill oil) and soy isoflavones to be beneficial in the treatment of arterial stiffness. Consumption of fermented milk products containing bioactive peptides was also found to be beneficial. Caffeine intake was found to acutely increase arterial stiffness according to limited but consistent evidence.

The authors state, "Current evidence from several small studies suggests that omega-3 and soy isoflavone supplementation provides an effective means of reducing arterial stiffness."

The researchers also state that "there was little research that explored intakes of herbal medicines or micronutrients in the treatment of arterial stiffness, and this remains an area of potential research."

So while soy isoflavones are likely a "niche" supplement not widely consumed (unless you have a diet that includes a significant amount of soy), most should be taking a fish oil (ideally the natural TG form) or krill oil supplement by now, so this is good news.

Source: The effects of dietary and nutrient interventions on arterial stiffness: a systematic review

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1 comment:

  1. You really shouldn't promote soy; you don't think it's good for you, do you?
    IF it's fermented it would be ok but it's still not the best health-wise. Full of estrogens....not even good for guys!
    That's my 2 cent worth for today :)


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