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Dark Chocolate Reduces LDL (Bad) & Total Cholesterol

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Less is more, ok?

Here's another study on dark chocolate and cocoa products reducing LDL (bad) and total cholesterol levels. This was a meta-analysis, so not a new clinical trial, but a pooled overall analysis of previously conducted clinical trials.

This meta-analysis was based on results from 10 clinical trials which included 320 participants, who consumed dark chocolate or cocoa products for a period ranging from 2 to 12 weeks. The analysis found cocoa consumption to be associated with significant reductions in serum LDL and total cholesterol levels.

The authors conclude, "These data are consistent with beneficial effects of dark chocolate/cocoa products on total and LDL cholesterol...in short-term intervention trials."

There was a recent clinical trial that I covered that also found exactly what this meta-analysis confirmed. Click HERE to read the discussion on that study.

Here are a couple other posts where I covered studies on dark chocolate:
So when you get that crazy feelin'...just eat it up. No guilt.

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