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Study Links Severe Magnesium Deficiency to Metabolic Syndrome

I've always wanted to be a commercial critic... there are some really, really stupid commercials that reach the "tube" ...ones that never should have seen the light of day. So I thought maybe I'll take this blog platform as an opportunity to showcase some of the ones I like, and ridicule some of the ones that are just plain dumb. Of course, since I rarely watch any TV, these commercial critiques may be a rare occurrence. However, let's start with the following, which is one I just saw a the other day... this one I liked. I thought it was quite creative and fun to watch. Enjoy.

Now back to business...at the start of March, I covered a study on magnesium and it's benefit to metabolic syndrome...now, here is another one.

This cross-sectional study was conducted on 98 subjects who were newly diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. It was found that severely low blood levels of magnesium (called hypomagnesemia) was associated with elevated concentrations of C-reactive protein (CRP) and TNF-alpha (both markers of inflammation, which aggravates many symptoms), while not-so-severe hypomagnesemia did not have these associations.

The authors conclude, "...in subjects with metabolic syndrome, severe hypomagnesemia, but not [typical] hypomagnesemia, is associated with elevated concentrations of CRP and TNF-alpha."

According to other studies, it shows that most people don't get enough magnesium. Considering that magnesium and calcium complete for absorption, and because of the heavy focus on calcium for osteoporosis prevention, subclinical magnesium deficiency is actually quite common. Magnesium is a mineral I highly recommend for most.

Source: Severe hypomagnesemia and low-grade inflammation in metabolic syndrome

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