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Calcium & Vitamin D Linked to Kidney Stones -- More Reason for Vitamin K?

While this new study didn't look at vitamin K status, I take it as another study that shows what a lack of vitamin K can do (the assumption here is that most people are deficient in vitamin K, which has been shown to be the case in other studies).

According to the findings, daily supplements of calcium (1000 mg/day) plus vitamin D (400 IU/day) for seven years increased the risk of urinary tract stones by 17%, compared with placebo.

However, as many of you reading this would know, one of my favourite vitamins currently is vitamin K. What's interesting is that we have numerous vitamin K-dependant proteins in the body. You may remember me discussing the whole "calcium causes heart attacks" thing (and another post on vitamin K being needed to activate osteocalcin to pull calcium into the bones, and activating MGP that keeps calcium out of soft tissues like the arteries).

Well, nephrocalcin is a vitamin K-dependant protein present in the kidneys and urinary tract, which (when activated by vitamin K) inhibits calcium oxalate crystal growth.

So as long as you're getting enough vitamin K (ideally K2), there's no need to panic about this new study on the negative effects of calcium.

If you're not taking a vitamin K supplement yet...what are you waiting for?

Hope my Canadian and American readers have a great Canada Day or Independance Day long weekend. Come back with a refreshed brain, 'cause I'll throw some more goodies at you next week.

Source: Urinary tract stone occurrence in the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) randomized clinical trial of calcium and vitamin D supplements

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