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Preventing Severe Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy

The thing with being a woman at a function/event where alcohol is being consumed is that, if you don't drink, all of a sudden, everyone thinks you're pregnant.

So if you are looking to get pregnant, here is a study of interest...

"Hyperemesis gravidarum" (HG, the extreme form of "morning sickness") is the technical term for the severe nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. Since no one knows why this happens, the aim of the present study was to investigate food and nutrient intake before pregnancy, and the risk of developing HG.

For this study, only women who were hospitalised for HG were included as cases (mild cases of nausea and vomiting that didn't require hospitalization didn't count).

What was found was that the intake of seafood, allium vegetables (e.g. garlic and onions), and water were significantly lower among women who developed HG than among women in the non-HG group. These findings suggest that a moderate intake of water and adherence to a healthy diet that includes allium vegetables and fish are associated with a lower risk of developing HG.

Essentially, you can't go wrong by eating a healthy diet.

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