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EpiCor Acts Within Hours to Improve Immune Health

I previously discussed an immune-health ingredient called EpiCor. Well, I apparently missed this clinical study published early this year on its ability to modulate the immune system within hours of an oral dose.

Well, the study gets pretty technical, especially with all the talk about immune system compounds (like IgA, NK cells, T cells, etc.)...which I wouldn't expect the general population to know much about. So here is a summary in a sentence.

After a 500 mg dose of EpiCor (which is the recommended daily amount), a significant increase in serum antioxidant protection was seen as early as two hours after consumption, and changes in the immune system (indicating healthy and improved immune surveillance) was seen within the first hour.

This is great as it may indicate EpiCor can be used as a treatment for colds/flus, not just prevention (which is the area I have the most experience with).

Without knowing this, I've basically doubled my dose (to 1000 mg/day) any time I felt "off." This combined with my daily 500 mg dose (along with vitamin D3) has kept me flu-free for 3 years running now. This is despite my son and partner having the flu multiples times during the same time period (no I'm not gay -- although my "partner" and I met at Gay Pride in Toronto, go figure -- I just call her my partner to make it clear we're not married, something neither of us are into, although legally she's my common-law "wife"). Happy wife, happy life!  :)

My readers and subscribers in the Southern hemisphere (like Australia and New Zealand) should start EpriCor and vitamin D3 now (if you haven't already)...your flu season is upon you.

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Source: Antioxidant Bioavailability and Rapid Immune-Modulating Effects After Consumption of a Single Acute Dose of a High-Metabolite Yeast Immunogen: Results of a Placebo-Controlled Double-Blinded Crossover Pilot Study

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  1. Great post, Dr. Know. My experience is very similar to yours. My cold/flu experience has been zip in the past three years. Same for my college-age daughters. And my allergy symptoms have dissipated significantly as well. Hope you continue having success with EpiCor.


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