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Zinc May Prevent Prostate Cancer

A friend sent this comic to me... good for a smile.

On a more serious note though, men should know that the incidence of prostate cancer (in men, obviously) is similar to breast cancer in women. We don't hear about prostate cancer as much as breast cancer since women do a much better job at the being the "squeaky wheel" and men's "macho-madness" discourages us from talking about it (outside of the fact that a physical prostate exam, for many, may be an unpleasant experience...however, some may dig it, although not quite enjoyable as a prostate massage -- but hey, that's none of my business).

So where am I going with this? Men, get your prostate examined...and maybe start taking some zinc supplements (consult your healthcare practitioner for an appropriate product and dose).

In this newly published population-based study (link below), high dietary intake of zinc was found to be associated with a reduced risk of death from prostate cancer.

There are also many other nutrients and botanical medicines/phytochemicals that are beneficial for prostate health -- with some good evidence to support their use in the treatment and prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or commonly referred to as "enlarged prostate").

So men, talk to your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner about your prostate. It's never too early, or too late

Source: Zinc and prostate cancer

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