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Probiotics May Help Reduce Colorectal Cancers

LMAO! Check out this picture (right)...it's a cover of an adult film (I think). Who knew I was so famous?

I've heard all the jokes about Dr. No from James Bond (below), so this is something new.

Now, I guess all that's left to decide is what persona I'll adopt... pornstar or evil mastermind. Hmmm...

Ok, so today I just have another study on probiotics. This one involved 10 colorectal cancer patients and 20 healthy controls. Supplementation with Lactobacillus gasseri OLL2716:LG21 for a period of 12 weeks was found to improve the intestinal environment, aiding in the prevention of colorectal carcinoma.

Before the study:
  • levels of Lactobacillus detected were significantly higher in the healthy group (compared to the cancer group)
  • total levels of Clostridium perfringens (a pathogenic bacteria) was higher in the cancer group (compared to the healthy group)
  • the cancer group had alkalosis (higher pH in the digestive tract than desired), and the total amount of short-chain fatty acids in the stool was lower than in the healthy group
After supplementation with Lactobacillus, the colorectal cancer group showed:
  • increased Lactobacillus detection rate
  • decreased total amount of C. perfringens
  • fecal pH indicated acidosis (lower pH...a good thing for the intestines)
  • inhibition of synthesis of fecal putrefaction products
  • an increase in the short-chain fatty acid isobutyric acid
  • blood IL-1 beta and NK cell activity (which are immune-related) were significantly higher from the 4th week of probiotic supplementation (as compared to pre-supplementation).
The authors conclude, "A deterioration of the intestinal environment was observed in the colorectal cancer patients in comparison to the healthy controls, and the intestinal environment improved when probiotics was taken. These findings suggest the possibility of preventing colorectal carcinoma with probiotics."

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  1. Love the humour on the pornstar image. Perhaps the most appropriate persona would be an evil pornstar. That’d be you to a T.

    Also like the gasseri article. It's also been studied clinically in kids for asthma and rhinitis.


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