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Probiotics for Weight Management

Before I get to the good stuff...some of you have asked what certain acronyms I've used mean. I guess I should start by apologizing for assuming everyone would know the more common acronyms (or at least know where to look them up). I suppose most will know the common ones like ASAP, AKA, etc.

However, the "newbies" may need a little introduction to "web shorthand language"...so in order to clear the air, here's a short list of some common ones I've used, will use, or commonly used by others:

BTW: by the way
IMO: in my opinion
IMHO: in my honest opinion (not as common, since honesty is implied)
FYI: for your information
LMAO: laughing my a** off
LOL: laughing out loud
OMG: oh my gosh (or God)
POV: point of view
WRT: with respect to (or with regards to)
WTF: what the f*ck

You can see a more complete list here, or look up any you come across at AcronymFinder.com

Now for that good stuff...today I've got more research to discuss on probiotics. The findings here are nothing new -- we've seen this before, but this is just a little more confirmation for a relatively new benefit of probiotics. Keep in mind that this was a rat study, but similar effects have been noticed in humans in previous studies.

According to results published in the British Journal of Nutrition, supplementation with a bacterial strain of Lactobacillius plantarum resulted in less weight gain, compared to the control group. Furthermore, rats supplemented with less friendly E. coli bacteria experienced significantly more body fat, compared to the controls.

The first breakthrough link between gut microflora and weight was published in Nature in December 2006 where researchers at the University of Washington in St Louis found that microbial populations in the gut were different between lean and obese people. What's more is that when the obese lost weight, their microflora reverted back to that observed in a lean person. 

Since then, there have been a number of studies showing similar effects (such as this study I covered in a tweet last year for those who follow me on Twitter). There have even been studies on pregnant women, which have shown that probiotic supplementation may reduce the risk of obesity in their children later in life.

Very interesting indeed since this suggests that obesity may have a microbial component. The plot thickens...

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Source: Effects on weight gain and gut microbiota in rats given bacterial supplement

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