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More Justification for My Coffee Habit

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Moving on to a random thought...is there alphabet soup in China?

Ok, now for the serious academic stuff...

Epidemiological and experimental evidence increasingly suggests coffee consumption to be correlated to prevention or delay of degenerative diseases connected with oxidative cellular stress.

This new human clinical trial has given more support to coffee's health benefits, where 3 to 4 cups of a coffee blend (roasted coffee with green coffee beans) over 4 weeks protected against oxidative damage to DNA, and reduced body weight and body fat.

While this study looked at a a blend that used green coffee beans (which is much higher in chlorogenic acid, which in turn is likely responsible for the greater effect on body weight and body fat, in addition to blood glucose control), roasted beans will offer similar benefits, but just to a smaller extent.

Source: Antioxidant-rich coffee reduces DNA damage, elevates glutathione status and contributes to weight control

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  1. I just saw an episode of Dr. Oz and he talked about green coffee extract for weight loss. Similar to what you mentioned in the last paragraph.


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