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Probiotics Improve Bowel Movements in Elderly

First, word up to Vietnam! I'm not sure who's following my posts over there, but page views originating from Vietnam is 3rd (behind the US, with Canada WAY out in front). Hope it's all legit, and if it is, thanks for your interest in this blog.

Ok, so now let's get down to business... this new study actually didn't find anything "new" as we already knew about probiotics' ability to regulate bowel movements. However, I'll cover it here anyway as a reminder.

Here's my "lazy man's summary" ...in hospitalized, elderly patients, probiotics significantly lowered the incidence of diarrhea. For those on the other end of the bowel movement spectrum, probiotics also lowered laxative use.

Short and sweet.

Source: Probiotics improve bowel movements in hospitalized elderly patients

Update: Shortly after this post, I posted another similar study, but this time on kids.

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