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Probiotics Improve Constipation in Children

Ever since coming back from Anaheim, the weather in the Toronto area has been great. Warm(er) and sunny. With Daylight Savings Time coming into effect over the weekend, feels like spring is finally just around the corner! That's definitely exciting...until you realize that on any given day (at least the weekdays) you spend only a few minutes outside.

So today, I'll cover yet another study on probiotics for gastrointestinal health. This time, the study aimed to determine if a strain of Bifidobacterium could increase the number of bowel movements in kids experiencing constipation.

After 4 weeks of taking a daily probiotic supplement, the children experienced significantly less abdominal pain, and significantly more bowel movements (from an average of 0.9 per week, increasing to 4.9 per week).

No side-effects were reported, as expected.

Recently I also discussed another study that showed similar results in an elderly population. So while nothing new (in my opinion) was discovered in this study, this is just more confirmation of probiotics' beneficial effects...and that's always welcome news.

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Source: Tabbers et al. 2011


  1. Please report SOURCES quoted when referencing a study or trial...

  2. Hello,

    Every post where I discuss a new study, I've linked to the source (usually at the end of the post). Please read the post again...it's there. Always has been.

    It'd be kind of pointless to discuss a study and not reference it. How would you know I'm not totally bullshitting?

    That's not purpose of this blog. Of the many things I'm involved with, I'm also a peer-reviewer for a journal, so I don't mess around when it comes to references.

    For this post specifically, I've linked to the full-text article. Hope this is what you were looking for.

    Stay healthy!


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