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PMS Symptoms Reduced by B Vitamins

Since most B vitamins are required to produce neurotransmitters that are potentially involved in PMS, the authors of a new study sought to determine if B vitamins from foods and/or supplements can reduce the incidence of PMS or its symptoms.

To make a long story short, what they found was the high intakes of thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2) from food sources were found to lower the incidence of PMS. They did not, however, find any benefit from supplements or the other B vitamins.

Source: Dietary B vitamin intake and incident premenstrual syndrome

Yes, an interesting study, but this is a great opportunity for me to discuss another supplement that has been shown to provide incredible benefits for PMS sufferers -- krill oil. Now this study is almost a decade old, but still very relevant... I guess as long as PMS is around, it'll always be relevant.

In this study, 2 g/day of krill oil (in comparison to 2 g/day of fish oil) resulted in huge benefits after 3 months. Most notable improvements were a decrease in irritability, breast tenderness, depression, stress, abdominal pain, weight gain, and bloating.

Source: Krill oil for PMS and dysmenorrhea

Now for a different discussion... so yesterday, I got asked twice, "why 'guff?'" No, it's not pronounced "goof" as in goofy, or you're a goof. So to clarify any misconceptions, here is a definition: "empty or foolish talk; nonsense."

What I wanted to do with this blog was not only discuss positive research on nutrition and human health, but also point out some of the nonsense that takes place...you know, when the media gets hold of a study, takes it out of context, misinterprets it, and presents it to the public in a way just to grab headlines.

However, thankfully, that doesn't happen all the time...so effective immediately, if there is no guff to discuss from the academic/research side, I'll just talk some guff myself. :)

Like today, on the way to the office, I was stuck behind a cop, who was stuck behind another vehicle doing the speed limit (obviously due to the presence of the cop behind him/her). But I started wondering if cops ever get impatient with these slow-pokes? Cops are just like everyone else, they would probably prefer to go at least 10 km/hr over the speed limit. I think going the speed limit would raise suspicions. If I was a cop, I'd probably pull people over for going the speed limit...and search their car. They must be hiding something.

So please, people, just drive normally. We all have places to go, things to do...and the cops probably do too.

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  1. It's nice to know how B vitamins can help reduce the risk of certain diseases like this. Thanks for that information.

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  4. Krill oil is awesome! It's working for me. thanks for the suggestion. Had to come back here to post my success with it.

    thanks again!


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