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Japanese Nuclear Radiation

I can't believe I'm doing this... but here I go. One thing I'm sure we ALL can't stand is the fear-mongering that spreads through mass media like the plague. However, I read the following article tonight and thought I'd share it. In no way do I want to propagate fear, but as long as this is put into context, I think it'll be alright. What context? ...the fact that odds are against the worst-case-scenario.

My disclaimer: I haven't done the research to confirm whether the information in this article is accurate or not (it's just a regular news article, not a peer-reviewed published paper). So it could be completely off-the-wall bogus to pin-point accurate...and everything in between.

Article: Radiation Risks
Have a read if you've got a few minutes. Some thoughts that come to my mind if the worst-case-scenario plays out:
  • it would be a good time to become vegetarian
  • make sure you wash all produce thoroughly
  • nutritional supplements of potassium iodide and strontium citrate are likely to be in high demand...but I highly advise AGAINST self-prescribing, as the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects from over-dosing is much more real than significant exposure to radioactive particles -- consult your healthcare practitioner
However, I have a better idea, let's all visualize and meditate on the best possible scenario. Our thoughts become our reality, so think positive -- always. Live out of peace and love, not fear.

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