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EpiCor up for Another Award

So today on the way to the office, my car doesn't want to move. Felt like the parking break wasn't releasing, and with my front tires on ice, I wasn't going anywhere. After I hung up the phone to get a tow, I played around with the parking brake lever, and voila, problem fixed.

That reminded me of being a kid, and maybe I'm dating myself here...but do you remember the original Nintendo game system? What would you do when it wasn't working? ...I bet the same thing every other kid in the world who had a Nintendo did... you would take the cartridge out, blow in it, and magically, that would fix the problem. Every kid I know did that, but how did we all know how to fix the problem? There was no internet. No discussion boards. We just figured it out. Kind of like how I did this morning. :)
I just hope this car problem doesn't happen as frequently as the Nintendo problem did.

So this morning, I have no new research to discuss, but I did come across an article (link below) discussing how EpiCor is up for another award. This is exciting because when it comes to immune health, EpiCor is truly one of the best ingredients. I've used this now for the last 3 cold/flu seasons...and I haven't got sick even once. Seriously. I take a Canadian brand's product that contains EpiCor, just one daily starting in October, right through to the end of March.

Over the years, I've tried most of the immune products on the market, and I'll say with a high degree of confidence, EpiCor will not disappoint. I've even ate my son's leftovers with his fork when he was sick, and I remained healthy. It's almost like I'm invincible when taking EpiCor.

So if you can find this ingredient in an immune product, I highly recommend it.

Source: NPI Article

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  1. Good old Nintendo cartridge dust blowing. That tactic never failed.


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