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Dark Chocolate Reduces Blood Pressure as much as Prescription Drugs

She loves that chocolate! But for this blog,
this picture is borderline inappropriate.
Viewer discretion is advised.
I love when I get to report on chocolate research, since chocolate is one of my vices (and I'm talking REAL chocolate here, not milk chocolate or -- even worse -- "candy bars"). Recently, I've been having a couple squares daily of this 90% cocoa bar...it's a delectable mix between the bitter/chocolate tastes we chocolate lovers seek, with a touch of sweetness that still allows all the chocolate flavours to shine.

Anyway, here's more good news to motivate me to continue with my chocolate therapy. This study adds more weight to chocolate's ability to reduce blood pressure. The type used in the study was 72% cocoa dark chocolate everyday for 2 weeks. This resulted in an 18% inhibition in ACE activity, which is about the same as what the pharmaceuticals can deliver (ACE inhibitors are a popular class of hypertension medications).

Yet, instead of all the side-effects typical with prescription drugs, you'll get a bunch of side-benefits with chocolate, including better cognitive health and skin characteristics.

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Source: Effects of Cocoa Extract and Dark Chocolate on Angiotensin-converting Enzyme and Nitric Oxide in Human Endothelial Cells and Healthy Volunteers–A Nutrigenomics Perspective


  1. Mmmm...chocolate.

  2. You sir are an enabler for my dark chocolate vice. Lets face it, don't we all feel like how she looks after a great piece of chocolate!


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