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Cranberry Juice Decreases Stiffness in Arteries

So, do you remember what's happening tomorrow (March 26th)? Earth Hour!

Starting at 8:30 pm (your local time), make sure you turn off as many electricity-sucking devices as possible. Even better, if you know where the main power switch to your home is, try switching that off...it'll cut ALL power to your home. This will save so much more energy than just turning off the lights.

Also, try stretching Earth "Hour" to a couple hours...or for the really ambitious people, try switching the main power off right after dinner and keep it off until you go to bed. As long as you don't open your fridge (and let the cold air out), it will keep everything fine during that time.

Ok, now one last research-related post before I go "silent" for the weekend...

Cranberry's claim to fame is its ability to reduce the incidence or duration of a urinary tract infection (UTI). It's also been shown to prevent H. pylori from adhering to the stomach lining, which can decrease the incidence of stomach ulcers and gastritis. Less known is its ability to decrease the risk of adenocarcinoma (cancer in glandular tissue) and colon cancer.

However, cranberry has also been known to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and this new study gives some confirmation to that thought. It was shown that a high dose of cranberry juice resulted in less arterial stiffness (or more elastic arteries). Of course, arteries are suppose to be elastic, so that's a good thing for sure.

Interestingly, no effect was seen in other measures of cardiovascular function. Also, the same effect wasn't seen once a placebo group was added. Not sure why, but nonetheless, cranberry juice (or cranberry extracts) I feel would be great to take for overall health maintenance, and can potentially provide many benefits.

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