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CoQ10 Supplementation Increases Salivary Secretion

I'm back...after nearly 2 weeks of work-related travel! For those who've been visiting this blog regularly, my apologies for not having fresh material for you to feed your brain. So before I administer some delicious knowledge for your hungry brains... let's start with this appetizer. Click this sentence and follow the instructions. Right on dude, it's like virtual acid, man.

So here we go... there will be a number of posts following this one as I catch up on recent nutritional research.

This new research on CoQ10 sheds light on how oral supplementation improves oral health (where CoQ10 has been shown to be great for gingivitis). While the studies showing benefits to gingivitis used topical application of CoQ10, ingestion of oral supplements have been commonly used with many reporting benefits.

Now, this study explains a possible mechanism. While this study was specifically on dry mouth, the findings support its supplemental use in gingivitis. In this study, both forms of CoQ10 (ubiquinone and ubiquinol) were used, and showed significant increases in the CoQ10 content of saliva.

In this manner (bathing the oral tissues in CoQ10-rich saliva), oral ingestion of CoQ10 may indeed benefit the gums and improve signs and symptoms of gingivitis.

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Source: Coenzyme Q10 supplementation increases salivary secretion

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