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The need for omega-3 sustainability

As more and more people clue into the incredible therapeutic value of omega-3 fatty acids, the fish industry -- which is already unsustainable with severely depleted fish stocks in the oceans -- is put under an increasing amount of stress.

The good news is that the fish oil and omega-3 industry is looking to proactively tackle this issue.
Source: Summit to explore sustainable omega-3 alternatives

Personally, I like krill oil for the following reasons:
  • bioavailability and therapeutic benefits are far superior to fish oils according to studies
  • the phospholipids attached to the omega-3 fatty acids have their own unique benefits
  • naturally occuring astaxanthin
  • and of course, being the largest biomass in the ocean (and perhaps the planet), sustainability is a non-issue
If you continue to favour fish oils, my advise is to make sure you're getting the natural triglyceride (TG) form, not the semi-synthetic ethyl ester (EE) form (which is what the vast majority of supplements are at this time).

...and so it begins...

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